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🎙 New Paradigm for Effective Workplace Relationships [VIDEO]

In this episode of the White Collar Therapy & Leadership Show, our Season 5 Finale which included ALL 5 CO-HOSTS, we sought to help put into perspective what this new paradigm looks like for business owners and leaders, as it pertains to the workplace and workplace relationships.

Building Trust that Last - Leadership Podcast with Robb Holman and Mike Phillips

? Building Trust that Lasts [VIDEO]

In this episode of the White Collar Therapy & Leadership Show Co-Hosts Robb Holman, Mike Phillips, and Ryan Gerardi talk about the importance of trust and the effect it has on our productivity. So much in leadership comes down to how you build trust, but companies are often overly concerned with numbers. They care more about how much is built and less about how it is built.

🎙 How Impactful Teams Build Trust from the Inside Out [VIDEO]

In this special edition of the White Collar Therapy & Leadership Show, Ryan Gerardi and Robb Holman host the launch of Robb’s second book ‘All In’ with their 3 co-hosts and talk about how to build impactful teams from the inside out. Join us live on Tuesday November 26th.

🔥 Season 4 Finale of The White Collar Therapy and Leadership Show – Live with All 5 Co-Hosts

Season 4 Finale of the White Collar Therapy and Leadership Show featuring Mike Phillips, Robb Holman, Ryan Gerardi, Sheri Traxler, and Terry Lancaster. Episode 7 will mark the first time where all 5 co-hosts come together to reflect on Season 4 and project on what’s to come in Season 5. We will also engage in authentic and purpose-driven conversation surrounding special moments, surprises, and golden nugget leadership takeaways.

How much does self-fulfilling prophecy matter in our life work?

In this episode of the White Collar Therapy Show, we plan to talk about how much self-fulfilling prophecy matters in our life work, a subject that comes up in Chapter 7 of the book ‘Lead the Way’ by the show’s host – Robb Holman. Robb will be talking with myself and Mike Phillips for episode number 4 of Season IV to kick off the second half of the season.

Increase Your Leadership Capacity – Season 4 Premiere

In our first episode of Season 4 we change things up a bit by including a third co-host in each show of the season. And first up our close friend and colleague – Mike Phillips who mentors people on developing leadership through action with his podcast and YouTube channel – LeadTheTeam.tv. In this episode we will explore four ways to help increase your leadership capacity, and how these ideas compare and contrast with other aspects of leadership.

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