? Embracing Your Story [VIDEO]

Embracing Your Story - Leadership Podcast with Robb Holman and Sheri Traxler

“Every person on this planet has a story to tell, something that makes them unique adding to the whole.“ -Madisyn Taylor

A fundamental quality of humans is that we want to feel like we are on journey with others, not alone. This extraordinary desire to bond is what makes us human. And one way to establish and nourish this connection is with storytelling. Since the sands of time, humans have found ways to share and pass stories along through the ages.

In this episode of the White Collar Therapy & Leadership Show, we share unique perspectives on storytelling and discuss some practical tools in helping you engage your story while helping others engage theirs.

And with the recent tragic passing of NBA star Kobe Bryant – one of the great inspiring leaders of today, your hosts Robb Holman, Sheri Traxler, and Myself used this moment to explore the impact of Bryant’s life story and what his premature passing has meant to the world.

The White Collar Therapy & Leadership Show

Aired February 2020

Storytelling connects us in more ways than we may know

The inspiration for this session came from chapter three of Robb’s book All In – How Impactful Teams Build Trust from the Inside Out, which you can purchase on Amazon from this link.

In this chapter, Robb writes about how teams who share personal stories are more effective and why everyone should get to tell their story.

Reflection Exercise

Look at your life as a story. Begin to fill in the major components of your personal story. A compelling story can be shared with as much detail or brevity as needed.

  • Title of your story: __________
  • Situation or desire: __________
  • Complication or obstacle: __________
  • Solution or outcome: __________

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