🎙 Turning Conflict Into a Creative Superpower [VIDEO]

“Every person in this life has something to teach me, and as soon as I accept that I open myself to truly listening.“—Catherine Doucette

Conflict and Confrontation

The average professional does not like conflict in the workplace. In fact, most people try to avoid confrontation altogether, even when they know it’s inevitable. As a result, most people wind up responding to conflict in one of three ways: suppression, passive aggression, or anger.

Thankfully, there is a better way. It involves the idea of community.

Community is Critical

Imagine two boxers in a ring. One is you and the other is your opponent. But the opponent is not the other person with whom you are in conflict. It’s a destructive force looking to destroy your relationship.

When you are tired, stressed, and anxious over a conflict, it’s as though this destructive force has you cornered in the ring. It delivers a crushing blow that leaves you helpless on the ground.

As it towers over you in your loneliness it seems as though you’ve been defeated. This is the imprisonment that isolation can bring during a conflict.

Community is like your boxing coach, whispering (or yelling) into your ear trying to convince you that you can get through this. And if we believe in our coach – our community – we probably can get through whatever conflict we are faced with.

Healthy Conflict Resolution

In this episode of the White Collar Therapy & Leadership Show, we address the ideas of conflict and community in this context, as the world is facing a monumental issue – Coronavirus and how the media frenzy is impacting you and your life and your work.

Not only do we discuss the ideas of conflict and community, but also we will identify the four seasons of organizational development and three aspects of healthy conflict resolution.

The White Collar Therapy & Leadership Show

Aired March 2020

Turning Conflict Into a Creative Superpower

The inspiration for this session comes from chapter six of Robb Holman’s book All In – How Impactful Teams Build Trust from the Inside Out, which you can purchase on Amazon with this link. In this chapter, Robb writes about conflict resolution and how to turn conflict into a creative superpower.

Robb is the lead host of the WCT Show, which airs live every other Monday here on AutoConversion. The purpose of the show is to bring together aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders to talk about important matters related to leadership in the workplace.

The show is recorded and then featured on the WCT Podcast.

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The show and podcast are part of a Leadership Program we offer here on AutoConversion. In addition to the show and podcast we also offer group coaching sessions and an online course called the Inside Out Leadership Academy, which you can purchase online right now for only $395 using our promo code WCT19.

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