🎙 How Much Does YOUR Definition of Success Dictate the Decisions You Make as a Leader? [VIDEO]

American culture, including business culture, mostly defines success as the ability to attain a certain amount of money, wealth, power, and prestige, or even gaining acceptance from your peers. Before long, this definition of success begins to shape our personal and professional direction.

But how do YOU define success, and how much does your definition of success dictate your decisions as a leader?

This question is taken from Chapter 2 in Robb Holman’s book Lead the Way. It’s called, “Redefining Success.” [See on Amazon]

The White Collar Therapy & Leadership Show w/ Robb Holman

Aired Live on Monday October 7th, 2019

How You Define Success Will Define You

Everyone’s opinion of success takes on different forms, and there is nothing wrong with believing what you do. But it’s imperative that you understand what is motivating, and you do this by knowing how you define success. Because ultimately how you define success will ultimately define you.

In life and in our work, we make choices which are based on how we define things like success. We can make these choices based on what we believe lead to success as defined by our culture, or rather redefine success based on the things that truly matter to you.

Practical Step: Activate Your Success Journey

Answer the following three questions to activate your success journey:

  1. How would you currently define success?
  2. What are some of your success journey highlights thus far?
  3. Are there any passion area from your past that serve as a sign post pointing, “This Way?”

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