Do You Build AROUND You or BEYOND You?

Season IV. Ep. 2 – In our second episode of Season 4 we welcome the incredible Terry Lancaster – Author, Speaker, Podcaster, and Business Consultant. Terry was our Guest Coach in a recent White Collar Therapy Group Coaching Webinar. And now he joins Robb and I as a guest on the show. Our plan is to discuss the idea of building life and success around yourself and beyond yourself.

What does this mean? Well, you will have to tune in to find out. We are taking a different approach with the show for Season IV by featuring three different guests throughout the season. And, we are experimenting with new ideas on the show at times as well.

In this instance, Robb will be leading the way on this week’s show by framing the question: Do you build around you or beyond you? Terry and myself will be the primary subjects of conversation around this question, but we won’t know going into the show what the premise is for Robb’s question, let alone how it even applies.

Join us live this Monday August 12th at 10:30 am Eastern, or catch the full video replay right here.

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The White Collar Therapy Show is a place where friends meet every two weeks in a VIRTUAL coffee shop to talk about challenges they are facing as business owners, leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs. It is hosted by a group of friends who each have their own shows, podcasts, published books, and do public speaking. Friends and colleagues are invited to tune in and learn from the conversation. Topics of conversation are career-minded and delivered in a fun and entertaining fashion.

The Show airs every other Monday at 10:30 AM Eastern (US & Canada). It is streamed live on YouTube (subscribe here) and lasts 30 minutes. It is recorded and then featured on the White Collar Therapy Podcast.

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