Introducing White Collar Therapy – Therapeutic Entertainment for Business People

Do you ever find that balancing your life and your profession is easy, with no obstacles or challenges? Does everything run perfectly smooth a hundred percent of the time? Is everyone you work with and interact with completely on board with your ideas, your dreams, and your aspirations?

If so, then White Collar Therapy might not be for you.

White Collar Therapy was designed for career-minded professionals seeking a break from your typical self-help and development programs. Essentially, it’s therapeutic entertainment for business people.

In life and in business, we are constantly facing challenges, obstacles, and hurdles. We encounter these things because we depend on relationships to grow, prosper, and succeed. Often times, the stars do not align. But when they do align, it’s magical.

The core components of WCT involve:

  • The Show
  • The Podcast
  • The Community

The Show

The Show is produced by AutoConversion and will be streamed live every other Monday on our YouTube channel.

It’s about two close friends (Robb & Ryan) meeting for coffee to catch up on each others’ lives. They only have 30 minutes to meet so they can’t chit chat too much. Ryan has some work-related challenges he is facing which he hopes to share with his friend. Robb has always been a valuable resource for listening and offering perspective.

In the show, Ryan will bring up these challenges, prompting Robb to reflect on these universal difficulties we all experience. Effectively, Ryan is the antagonist representing the target audienceCareer-Minded Professionals, Bootstrappers, Freelancers, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

The Podcast

Each show will be recorded and then released a week later onto the White Collar Therapy Podcast. In between episodes, Robb and Ryan plan to produce ancillary podcasts. These episodes won’t be in the format of the show, and some might even feature guests and fans.

The Community

White Collar Therapy is not about Robb and Ryan. We are the main characters, acting as ourselves, but WCT is about the viewers and the listeners – the Fans. It’s about the Community.

Robb is a Master Community Builder, and WCT is meant to be a community of career-minded professionals.

How to Get Involved

Sign Up & RSVP

There are several ways to get involved. For starters, visit the official WCT Sign Up Page and sign up for the Show. This will allow us to send you more information about the show and how you can benefit.

Additionally, you can subscribe to the Recurring Event on Facebook which will allow you to receive notifications from Facebook about each upcoming event within the series.

Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel

To view the show via live stream, subscribe to the AutoConversion YouTube channel and press on the BELL icon to turn on notifications. This way when we go live, you will automatically be notified. You don’t have to watch live either. You can always watch later, at your convenience.

Subscribe to the Podcast

Search for ‘White Collar Therapy’ in your preferred podcast app and subscribe. Additionally, you can go to

Join the Community

As explained above, WCT is about the people, the Fans, the Community. Join the WCT Facebook Group and/or the AutoConversion Discussion Group on LinkedIn and get to know other fans.

Thanks for listening. Enjoy the Show. Enjoy the Podcast. And thanks for being part of the White Collar Therapy Experience.

About the Author

Ryan Gerardi
Creative, resourceful, and resilient B2B sales and marketing technologist who works with people and businesses on a variety of levels to help elevate their game, their brand, and their businesses.