Introducing White Collar Therapy Group Coaching Webinars for Business Owners and Leaders

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Last Fall, we introduced The White Collar Therapy Show and Podcast as “therapeutic entertainment for career-minded professionals.” The show was a first step towards the idea of a community-driven networking program for like-minded individuals. Today we are pleased to announce the introduction of White Collar Therapy ‘Ignite Your Life’ Group Coaching Webinars for Business Owners and Leaders as the second addition to this initiative.

Unlike the show, which features Robb and Ryan and is meant to attract and engage career-minded professionals with enlightening and entertaining conversational content, the group coaching webinars include other business owners, leaders, and coaches, and they are intended to be more of a resource that members can rely on for interaction and growth. As Head Coach Robb Holman explains:

“The White Collar Therapy Group Coaching will change how people live and lead. It’s a perfect opportunity for the community to interact with our proven Inside Out Leadership principles and experience real transformation.”

The addition of group coaching webinars, which comes in the third season of the show, gives viewers and listeners the opportunity to benefit from White Collar Therapy beyond just the show. It creates the benefit of membership and will offer a more dynamic experience for these members.

In the webinars, Robb will explore specific chapters from his book, breaking down the curriculum in a tangible manner, giving attendees the experience of learning from Robb’s teachings through inspiration. The webinars will also feature special guests who can provide contrast on these ideas, introducing members to other business leaders and coaches, and vice versa. The webinars will also include an interactive Q&A segment.

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