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Purchase the Starter Guide for only $149

Purchase the 20-page Starter Guide PDF which includes all six (6) lessons and go at your own pace for only $149.
With this purchase option you are able to participate in the monthly interactive Clubhouse sessions as a speaker, but not the private Slack sessions where we concentrate on your Keynote Address or TEDx Talk.
Follow the link below to learn more.


With this purchase you also get two (2) months of support with AutoConversion where you can participate in our bi-weekly Audio Video Pros roundtables. The A/V Pros roundtables are intended to assist you with your media and public relations strategy – one of the 6 lessons in the PDF guide.


Paid Member Options

Purchasing the 20-page e-book makes you a paid subscriber, but not a paid premium member. As a paid subscriber you will only benefit from part of the program, but as a paid premium member you get the complete personalized experience.


The price to be part of Robb Holman’s World-Class Speakers Community is $95.95 per month. There are two payment options. 

You can pay $95.95/mo on a month-to-month basis and cancel anytime, or…
You can pay a one-time fee of only $444 for a 6-month membership and save more than 20% off the regular price.


No matter which of the paid member options you choose, you will have complete access to the GPS Bootcamp and Masterclasses, and you benefit from a Premium Membership on AutoConversion with an AC Pro license, which includes unlimited access to our Slack Member Network. The AC Pro license gives you certain features and benefits for your media and public relations strategy


GPS Bootcamp Special

6-month Membership
Pay Only $444
Includes AC Pro License


Month-to-Month Membership

Pay $96/mo until you cancel

Includes AC Pro License


No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Get a 100% refund on your registration if after participating in your first session you decide that the program is not for you. 


For questions or assistance please use live chat. 

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