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People on the Move Periodic Roundtable

People on the Move - Slack Sessions

Introducing Slack Sessions where Premium Members in any group may host their own private audio/video group chats with up to 15 people. Also useful for coordinating Clubhouse rooms so that moderators can see each other when necessary.

Free Discussion Groups

Advanced Auto Retail

Advanced Auto Retail

For Owners, Operators, and Marketers to focus on advertising, technology, and leadership, and more.

Automotive Sales Pros

Automotive Sales Pros

For Automotive Sales and BDC Professionals who peddle metal for a living.

Automotive and Mobility Consumer Experiences

Consumer Experiences

For Owners, Operators, and Marketers to see and hear directly from actual consumers about shopping for and owning their vehicles, their transportation needs, and their first-hand experiences.

Fixed Ops Pros

Fixed Ops Pros

For Fixed Ops Leaders, Managers, and Marketers to explore parts and service.

Used Car Pros

Used Car Pros

For Used Car Managers, Buyers, Wholesalers, and Marketers interested in a more efficient and profitable Used Car Business.

These discussion groups are conducted in Slack and on Zoom. Some are featured on the MTC Show, and we are also beginning to experiment with Clubhouse.

Each discussion group requires its own one-time registration to join. You may also remove yourself from any group at any time.

There is no cost or obligation to join or participate. You may join as many groups as you like, and you may participate* as little or as often as you like.

*Some features such as Video Panelist seats are reserved for Premium Members, Sponsors, and Guests.

As a rule of thumb, the most sessions are not recorded. However, the ones that are held on the MTC Show are recorded and made available to premium members in Slack. 

Our programming is also featured on the AutoConverse Podcast and (coming soon) to the Dealer Talk Podcast, as well.  

Upon registering for a group, we will begin including you on information about that group in Slack and via email.

For questions or assistance please use the live chat. Thank you.