Blockchain Crypto Starter Guide


A 3-day worksop do-it-yourself workshop to help get started with cryptocurrency, NFTs, and cryptosocial media.

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With this do-it-yourself starter kit, you will be up and running with cryptocurrency and NFTs in under three days, giving you the ability to start venturing further into these technologies right away with cryptosocial and staking. And if you are not recognizing these terms and phrases, have no worry. We will help with that, too.

By completing these exercises you will learn…

  • How to buy, sell, and trade crypto
  • How to make, or mint, your own NFT
  • How to get started with crypto social media and “staking”

Do all three exercises at once or do one each day. Whatever works best for you. And if you’d like assistance with any of these things, we have group coaching and 1-on-1 mentoring programs available, as well. But let’s see how far you can get on your own. Who knows. You might surprise yourself.

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