Technology Tip: View Videos Faster with this Chrome Browser Extension

Let’s face it, content via video is often the easiest way to get the information you need.  At the same time, waiting for Bob from Quincy, California to introduce himself and get down to the business of explaining viral marketing or how to repair a garbage disposal can get frustrating.  Often, we’re not interested in the backstory or foundational knowledge, we just want to get to the specific information we need.  Sitting through all the preamble can seem like modern day torture but skipping around blindly often winds up wasting more time.

That’s where the Google Chrome Video Speed Controller plug-in can change everything.

The plug-in makes it possible to advance, speed-up and rewind any HTML5 video quickly and easily.  Speed through a quick instructional video at double speed, picking up what you need at double the pace.

One of the best features in this simple playback controller is that you can use via mouse or the keyboard.  they’ve integrated simple shortcuts into the player so you don’t have to be tied to your mouse during playback.  And the shortcuts are simple, single keystrokes as well, making them ideal for on the fly speed changes.  In order to control the player via the keyboard, you can use these simple shortcut keys:

  • S – decrease playback speed.
  • D – increase playback speed.
  • R – reset playback speed.
  • Z – rewind video by 10 seconds.
  • X – advance video by 10 seconds.
  • V – show/hide the controller.

You can also customize your shortcut keys or set the player to simply remember your previous settings and use those as their default.

Google’s Video Speed Controller is lite, simple to use and well-documented and updated via Ilya Grigorik’s, the plug-in’s developer, GitHub page.

The plug in has already racked up more than 1,300 reviews in the Chrome Store with an average 4.5 star rating.  Fans cite its ease of use as well as simply being able to skim through videos faster – and not just for their professional lives.

Plenty of reviewers have mentioned using the plug-in so they can binge on their favorite shows as well.  One reviewer mentions he was able to watch an entire series of The Walking Dead in just over five hours thanks to the plug-in, and he’s not alone.  Several others report “getting [their] life back” or simply having more time to watch more shows and movies on their entertainment bucket lists.

Whatever the motivation, the answer is the same – spending less time stuck in dramatic pauses or rambling foundational knowledge.  Google’s Video Speed Controller does exactly that and it does it without bogging your system down or bothering you with a slew of pop-up ads.  In a world were functional, simple and easy to use tech can be rare, this is a great find.

Get the Extension

To get the Chrome Extension, simply search Google Video Speed Controller in the Chrome Web Store, or go here now.

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