Tech Hack: How to Make YouTube Live Events Unlisted Immediately After Your Stream Ends

Automatically make video Unlisted on YouTube

The other day I was in a conversation with my good colleague and fellow YouTube Pro – Mike Phillips who runs the channel Lead the Team. Mike is heavily focused on his YouTube presence and is about as up to date with the platform’s latest trends and best practice.

In our conversation we were talking about the pros and cons of doing live streaming video. Here on AutoConversion, the majority of our programming is streamed live. We’ve been doing this so that people can enjoy the content live or catch the video replay later without being required to sign up or register. Simply subscribe to the channel and watch what you want and when.

And for the last few years, Mike streamed the majority of his content live, as well.

One unintended consequence of doing this however is that it removes any sense of FOMA (fear of missing out). When you know you can always catch the video replay later, in effect, it kills the need to catch the event when it’s live.

Public Stream to Unlisted Archive

One way to combat this is to make the video Unlisted after the live stream ends. In fact, there is a setting for this when you set upĀ  Live Events or a Stream Now. The video below shows where this configuration setting is.

2 Benefits for Auto Archiving Your Live Stream?

There are two benefits for choosing this option:

  1. By auto archiving, only people with a link to the video will be able to access it. Effectively, this can motivate people to subscribe to your channel because when they are then YouTube will provide them with a link to the video via email and as a notification on their smartphone.
  2. Some speculate that this setting tickles the YouTube algorithm to recommend your live video to more people…while it’s live. It’s too soon for me to tell if that is true, but I suspect that it could have some bearing. Otherwise, why would there be an option for auto archiving?

More YouTube Live Streaming Tips

Do you have tips and advice to offer? Do you have experience with the auto archive feature? If so, we want to hear from you. Enter your thoughts and comments below.

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