Ryan Gerardi on Inside Out Leadership w/ Robb Holman

🎤 Moving the Needle of Influence from the Inside Out – Live Book Launch

In this episode of Inside Out Leadership w/ Robb Holman, we welcome Robb to the stage of his own show for the official launch of his new book and where Ryan Gerardi will serve as host for this special episode. Move the Needle is the third book in the series by Author Robb Holman who takes leaders on an in-depth look at why we must prioritize people over procedures for greater results.

ReThink Selling with Brandin Wilkinson

ReThink Selling: Why you only know 20% of Sales [PODCAST]

In a culture filled with self-proclaimed leaders, masters, and motivators – I, like many, am weary of what crosses my path. I’m not one for self-help material, and I certainly don’t grab for business-minded how-to books. With Brandin Wilkinson, however, Author of ReThink Selling, the title and description of his book grabbed my attention: Why you only know 20% of sales.

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