Shoes2Share Organizes Aid To Haitian Earthquake Victims

As you have probably heard, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck southern Haiti on Tuesday near Port-au-Prince, causing a serious loss of life and catastrophic destruction. This is the most powerful earthquake to hit the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation in the last century.


Shoes2Share International is immediately initiating Operation “THERE”, which stands for “The Haitian Earthquake Relief Effort”. They are partnering with other relief agencies in providing immediate aid and hope to those devastated in Haiti.


Dave Shoemaker is an associate of mine that operates a C12 territory here in the Philadelphia area. C12 is a community of Christian business owners and CEOs and that I trust Dave’s selection for charitable causes such as the one in Haiti.


AutoConversion has made a donation to Shoes2Share to help the victims and people of Haiti, and we wanted to present you with an opportunity to support them as well. Your donation will help deliver essential items like shoes, workboots, infant products, medical supplies, blankets, bottled water, generators, flashlights and batteries to the people of Haiti.


Donate to the people of Haiti through Operation “THERE” here.


Thank you for considering this worthy cause,


Ryan Gerardi

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