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Matthew Fanelli from MNI Targeted Media on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

In a recent article about the changing role that AI plays in digital marketing, author Janine Pollack writes that Artificial Intelligence and marketing-based analytic data models have made it possible to do things that marketers have talked about for decades. The conversation, she states, has become a reality thanks to on-demand computing power, increasingly connected consumers, and advances in AI.

In fact, by the end of this year, 20% of companies are expected to have dedicated workers that monitor and invest into AI.

And according to Boston Consulting Group, as referenced in Pollack’s article, “Brands that create personalized experiences by integrating advanced digital technologies and proprietary data for customers are seeing revenue increase by 6% to 10%—two to three times faster than those that don’t.”

Conversation with Matthew Fanelli from MNI Targeted Media

This week on the MTC show, we invited MNI Targeted Media SVP of Digital Sales – Matthew Fanelli to talk with us about the changing role that AI is and will continue to play in digital marketing.

Matt is an accomplished, results oriented Senior Vice President who has excelled in the field of Digital Media Management, who presently manages a team of more than 25 professionals across multiple departments related to Digital Media at MNI, a data-drive technology company that identifies and targets precise audiences, across platforms, connecting brands with the consumers they need to reach.

The Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

Aired January 2020

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General Motors has appointed its first chief sustainability officer, Dane Parker, to chart the automaker’s path toward a zero-emissions future. Parker, whose current title is vice president of sustainable workplaces, expands his role to chief sustainability officer Feb. 1.

With Parker at the helm of GM’s sustainability efforts, GM slashed its manufacturing carbon intensity by 20 percent three years ahead of its goal. GM also became an EPA-recognized leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy utilization.

The automaker won seven consecutive EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year awards, the statement said.

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Microsoft will invest $1 billion into carbon reduction and removal technologies

The software giant plans to offset all the emissions it produced since 1975.

Microsoft plans to establish a $1 billion fund dedicated to “carbon reduction, capture, and removal technologies,” amid a broader commitment to clean up the software giant’s emissions across its corporate history by 2050.

It’s one of the largest funding commitments ever to methods of sucking carbon dioxide out of the air, which most research shows will be a necessary part of any plan to prevent catastrophic levels of global warming. Funding for direct-air-capture startups like Carbon Engineering, Climeworks, and Global Thermostat have been climbing but have been limited to the tens of millions of dollars range to date.

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