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B2B Hour on AutoConversion w/ Allysia Richardson, Michelle Dillard, Robb Holman

The state of being equal, neither superior nor inferior, greater or less, better nor worse, stronger nor weaker, etc., can take on many faces. And one place where equality has lacked historically is in business. Specifically for women in business.

The significance of women’s history was officially recognized in 1981 when Congress passed Women’s History Week. That was later expanded to a full month in 1987.

Although women in business is more commonplace now, a look back at the history of women’s rights and the role women have played in business highlights just how much change has happened in the last few decades. For example, as recently as the 1970s women couldn’t even get a credit card without their husband’s signature. Now women heading billion dollar companies and launching businesses.

One of the more prominent great women in business today is Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors. Barra’s career with GM is a real life example of working your way to the top and the power of loyalty. She joined the company as an 18-year-old student hired to check fender panels and hoods. Over the next several decades, she held a variety of positions within the company. By 2013 she was the vice president of Global Product Development, Purchasing, and Supply Chain. And when she took over as chief executive in 2014, she became the first female CEO of an automobile manufacturer.

Indra Nooyi is another businesswoman most well known for her tenure with Pepsi where, as Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning, she directed Pepsi’s global strategy. She was a driving force behind the company’s decisions to sell off certain subsidiaries and purchase others, including the move to purchase Tropicana and Gatorade. This gave the company the ability to gain an edge on its long time rival Coca-Cola in both the juice and sports drink market.

Nooyi served as the CEO of Pepsi from 2003 until 2018, during which time the company’s sales grew by 80%. In 2021, Nooyi was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Cheryl Bachelder, Author of the book Dare to Serve [Buy on Amazon] and CEO of Chick-fil-A is a marvelous woman in business who we had the fortune to interview last year on the Inside Out Leadership Show w/ Robb Holman.

And finally, there is Janice Bryant Howroyd, Author of the book ​​Acting Up: Winning in Business and Life Using Down-Home Wisdom who in 1976 took a temp job as a secretary and found inspiration. She launched her own employment services company in 1978 and, since then, has grown it into the largest privately held employment company owned by a minority woman in the United States. Howroyd is also the author of two books and has been honored by BET, the National Association of Women Business Owners Hall of Fame, and the National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame.

With March being Women’s History Month, we have assembled a special B2B Hour in honor of this duly warranted national celebration. Three book authors, two of whom are female entrepreneurs. See details below…

B2B Hour on AutoConversion

Wednesday March 9th, at Noon Central (US & Canada)

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12:05. Interview w/ Allysia Richardson
12:15. Interview w/ Michelle Dillard
12:25. Mindset Tips w/ Robb Holman
12:35. Panel Discussion – Women and equality in business

About the Guests…

To start, we have Allysia Richardson, Author of the new book, You Are More Than a Mom – A Busy Mom’s Guide to Uncovering Her Voice, Identity, and Self-Security joining us for a brief conversation about the inspiration behind her new book.

Allysia is a public speaker focusing on inspiring female entrepreneurs who are establishing – or re-establishing – their business. And as Founder of AR Idea Factory, Richardson offers coaching for business professionals and entrepreneurs.

We then have Voice Over Artist Michelle Dillard, actor and playwright. The V/O business is a great industry to be a part of, with many different genres to use your voice to bring characters to life. As a voiceover artist, Michelle can be the voice behind your next video project, commercial, tv or radio spot. She’ll be happy to set up your voicemail system or narrate your audiobook.

V/O work is also a great way to add another instrument to your own tool kit, learn a new skill or pursue a new career. Michelle also trains and coaches beginners on how to get into the v/o business. She teaches you the 4 “I” elements, Speak to Influence, Impact, Inspire and with Intention.

For our Mindset segment, we have Robb Holman, a regular here on AutoConversion who is also an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, and bestselling author. Robb has made a name for himself by helping business professionals and entrepreneurs develop networking skills that transcend business connections in order to forge authentic relationships from the inside out.

Do you know how your mindset determines your behavior and your behavior determines your outcomes. Mindset Matters: Hear some practical tips that will transform your life and leadership – from the inside out.

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