Video Marketing for Auto Sales Professionals

Video Marketing for Automotive Sales Professionals [VIDEO]

In this segment of our Video Marketing for Auto Retail article series brought to you by Flick Fusion, we look at personality video marketing strategies for auto sales professionals such as Mike “Louisville Chevy Dude” Davenport, Mike Columbus – Seattle Honda Pro, El Patronn, and Bow Tie Terrance. Get the free on-demand video course for auto retail here.

Lead Yourself First - White Collar Therapy Show

Lead Yourself First – White Collar Therapy Show #18

In our 18th episode of the White Collar Therapy Show, your hosts Robb Holman and Ryan Gerardi meet in their virtual coffee shop to talk about the challenges and hurdles of improving your health, your diet, your daily routine – all things that contribute to who you are as a person. Lead Yourself First dives deep into Chapter 5 of Robb’s book – Lead the Way.