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Content Monetization in WEb3 Era during B2B Hour on AutoConversion

Creating content for the web could be considered by some a labor of love and by others a necessary evil. Creating content for your personal brand or business may be a bit of both. But no matter, creating good content is time-consuming and thus expensive. Because of this, there must be an identifiable ROI associated with the energy required to make your content.

In movies, a basic ROI can be determined by subtracting the cost to make the movie from ticket sales. But that does not get you a true ROI. Many other factors such as net ticket sales and revenue from ongoing distribution and merchandising, for example.

With B2B content, you might spend $2-3k on a case study, and then another $2-3k to advertise it. This may or may not include labor costs. What would be a good ROI from this? 10x would be forty to sixty thousand dollars in gross profit.

How about with curators, or platform creators? Their ROI is determined by the ad revenue their content generates. But this creates a situation where creators who actually produce the content are underpaid, under-monetized, and don’t fully capture the value they are making.

In the previous Web2 era, monetization and ownership are two major concerns for content creators. Creators do not have much choice but to rent the audience they don’t really own to brands keen to pay a lot of money to access it.

In the emerging Web3 era, new crypto technologies allow creators to monetize their content more efficiently, and retain ownership.

Anyone who puts their blood, sweat, and tears into their content will probably say there is never enough time in the day to do it all. And a majority of content creators might agree that they would like to earn more income from their endeavors.

In this episode of B2B Hour, the stage is set for a discussion about content monetization in the Web3 era. Our guests Allen Taylor and Adam Waring join us for an exclusive interview and panel discussion on this emerging reality. We will discuss the setbacks of content ownership and monetization of the Web2 era and how Web3 might be able to give creators and curators more capabilities.

B2B Hour on AutoConversion

Live Wednesday July 13th at Noon Central (US & Canada)

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About the Guests

Allen is Author of the book Cryptosocial: How cryptocurrencies are changing social media and Editor of Cryptocracy on Substack, which provides news digests cataloging what is going on in crypto, Web3, and the decentralized web.

Adam is creating a CryptoSocial media platform where creators can receive tips and/or micropayments for the time their audience spends on their content. Creators receive 100% of the amounts tipped to them and consumers aren’t advertised to, nor have their data sold or are at the mercy of enraging algorithms. The platform is www.gfam.live.

Learn how a new brand of cryptosocial media platforms are changing the networking model for creators while empowering creators to monetize their own content without interruptive and disruptive advertising models, and how businesses can support such creators while cutting their promotional budgets.

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