Live Video Streaming and Podcasting for People and Brands [VIDEO]

What people and brands can do to be cutting edge

Two forms of broadcast media that have been crossing the chasm these days in for brands and business professionals are podcasting and live streaming video. These two digital methods of communication provide a way not only for people to connect, but brands and businesses too. So, as more and more people and businesses latch on to these mediums, the challenge of standing out and being noticed becomes increasingly more difficult.

What can people and brands do to be cutting edge?

One person who delightfully takes on this challenge is Mike Phillips, purveyor of Lead the Team’s – The Front. With more than a decade under his belt in automotive sales and marketing, Mike also has years of experience building his online presence as a podcaster and video blogger.

In addition to being a father and husband, Mike has a full-time day job running the sales department of an independent auto dealership. On top of this, he runs a website, a YouTube channel, and a podcast. And he streams live twice a week to keep the juices flowing.

Not to mention, Mike is also a social media prowess, a church goer, and a mainstay in his local community as a business coach and trainer.

How is this possible? And what compels a person to be this ambitious?

Who knows. But we appreciate Mike. And we appreciate that he takes the time to make us part of his tribe. Mike appeared on multiple live streaming sessions with us in 2018, and we hope to continue the trend in 2019.

Hello Streamers and Casters

The podcast and video included in this post features Mike’s most recent appearance on our live weekly broadcast. This edition of the broadcast was rightfully tagged as the ‘Streamers and Casters’ edition. It’s intended for those who are doing live video streaming and/or podcasting.

We’re not just glossing over big picture ideas here, although we do discuss the difference between shows that are part of a larger plan versus those which are more transient and simply part of a season in life.

We primarily discuss the various media platforms, old and new. Which are best for achieving what you need? How the many different platforms fit in with your bigger picture.

Spoiler Alert: Facebook isn’t the only, let alone the best option for live streaming video.

Enjoy the Full Video Replay

One of the challenges with podcasting and live streaming is distinguishing between having a set process and getting into a rut. Mike stresses the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone or niche to see if what you’re doing makes sense, or if it’s just what you’re used to doing.

“Sometimes there’s really good other avenues that are outside what you specialize in that can help”, he says.

Mike uses the example of how auto dealerships use the same basic approach when it comes to photographic vehicles for sale online. “Most dealerships do it a similar way,” he says, “You start at the front, you walk around the car, then you do the inside, right?”

“Well, if you go outside of automotive,” Mike says, “what you will find is that most people […] want to see what the inside of a car looks like. They want to know the technology. So you change the way you display the pictures. The only way you found that out is by going outside of the automotive industry. Beyond your comfort zone.”

Must Watch for Aspiring (and Veteran) Streamers and Casters

This show is a must watch for aspiring (and veteran) podcasters and live video streamers. Please join us as we discuss cultivating content that impacts and engages, as well as the unique challenges of podcasting.

For instance, how nerves can affect your guests.

We also talk about the difference between podcasters and influencers and how it’s not always about content. When you’re podcasting or live streaming, you become part of the product. That means your ‘casting persona’ needs to be in line with the audience you want to attract.

Podcasting and live streaming are shaping up to be an increasingly important part of your B2B marketing strategy. Whether you’re focusing on expanding your brand, engaging with clients more effectively, or attracting more clients and sales, live streaming can deliver.

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