How Valuable Are Facebook Fans? An Attribution Marketing Case Study

Yeti Data Attribution Case Study


Attribution has become a major issue for many marketing organizations. With the explosion of social and online channels; multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns have become the norm for engaging consumers in conversations about brand and product.


Many companies have been extremely creative and effective in how they have used these new channels – often side-by-side with traditional mechanisms such as loyalty programs and in-store experiences.


But with these sophisticated techniques come new challenges. For example, how do you attribute how much influence each of these channels or programs has had in the conversion of business?


It’s not a nice-to-have, with the spend required to support multi-channel marketing, attribution analytics are a must-have.


In this case study conducted by industry leader Collective Bias, Yeti Data profiles one project that was completed for a regional one billion dollar grocer was seeking to understand the impact of social media, in this case liking the brand on Facebook, on consumer behavior and spending.


In addition to other key findings, this four-year long study determined that Facebook fans of the regional grocer on average bought 125 more items than a typical customer — a 35 percent rise.


Very few deals and no coupons were posted, focusing instead on regional content and doing plenty of testing early on to see what worked for that specific audience.


So how valuable are Facebook fans? Download this case study to learn more.


Facebook Attribution Case Study


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