How to Turn Anonymous Site Visitor Traffic Into B2B Sales [VIDEO]

How to turn anonymous site traffic into sales

When you promote information on your B2B website, typically no more than 5-10% of people visiting (AT BEST!) convert into a phone call or web lead. Do you ever wonder about the 90-95% of people (or more) that left without converting?

How many will come back, and when, and how will you know? How many were interested but for whatever reason didn’t knock on your door?

A few years back, an up and coming SaaS company in the UK was evaluating its website traffic, realizing that at least 97% of its website visitors were leaving the site without providing their information. This is pretty standard, but it got the company thinking…if they had a better idea of who these visitors were, then maybe they could reach out to them to possibly spark their interest.

The CEO tasked his IT department to find out who these visitors were, which resulted in an implementation where they used the IP addresses of the visitors to match against a database they acquired to determine what company they might be from.

The outcome was a great help, making it possible for the sales team to proactively reach out to select website visitors it was able to identify by IP address, resulting in a significant increase in leads.

One Big Break is All it Takes

After a short while, the company noticed a a series of visits from a large banking firm, Barclay Card. But whoever was visiting did not inquire. The sales team got together and strategized on a way to reach out, which was successful, and which led to a multi-month pilot, which eventually led to a large contract. As you will hear in the video, this one instance has resulted in more than $1M a year in business for the company.

How The Numbers Work Out

Numbers will vary from site to site and industry to industry, depending on how you generate your site traffic, but a large portion of your website visitors is likely to be relevant to sales team. Let’s say that number is 50%.

If you drive 1,000 visitors to your website, with a 3% conversion rate, that results in 30 leads. Depending on your closing ratio, that could yield 3-5 accounts. Not bad, but…

With 500 of those visitors not likely being relevant, you really have about a 6% conversation rate (30 divided by 500).

Since we know that about half your site visitors are most likely relevant, how many of them do you think you could engage with you by being proactive and reaching out to them, not counting on them to reach out to you?

Statistically this number is 20-30%. With effective outbound follow-up skills, you should be able to convert 20-30% of people engaging with your website that you know are relevant, which is a good 3-5 times more than the 6% that knocked on your door.

Think about how numbers like this could impact your sales pipeline.

In the video below, you get a brief look at my conversation with Chris Murray, VP of North American Partnerships at Lead Forensics, the company that was formed as a result of its parent company Market Makers, which Chris cites in the video as the SaaS company which built the IP-mapping database to help determine who was visiting their site, when, how often, and what they were doing on the site.

Get the Complete Interview

Like the video? Follow this link for immediate access to the complete ‘edited’ version of this webinar. The original live webinar was more than 45 minutes, but the edited version is under 10 minutes. Enjoy!


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