Speedy Rewards: A Customer Loyalty Program with Fuel

Speedy Rewards Customer Loyalty Program

The other day when I stopped to fill up my gas tank at Speedway, I could not find my Speedy Rewards card. This was a problem for me.

Ever since I first signed up for Speedy Rewards, I have made it a point to buy all my gas from Speedway so as to earn points and benefit from the rewards as often as possible. I’ve also bought more products from the the Speedway stores, something I didn’t do before signing up for their loyalty program.

When (or if) I get gas elsewhere, I feel as though I am shortchanging myself and I only get a minimal amount.

These are signs of an effective loyalty program.

Multiple Access Points

Mobile App
Like most good customer loyalty programs, the mobile app is integral to the experience, and Speedway’s mobile app is no exception. The Speedway mobile app allows me to view and manage my points and rewards quickly and easily. I can also control how and when I redeem points by selecting which rewards I want to redeem and adding them to my Speedy Wallet. I can see what promotions are going on and check around for local Speedway gas stations , and see what the gas prices are at each.

In-store Kiosk
For those that prefer not to use the mobile app, Speedway also has a Speedy Rewards kiosk at every location where customers can scan their loyalty card to redeem points for rewards. At the kiosk you can manage and review points, rewards and upcoming promotions easily through their website, making the program accessible from multiple devices.

You can also manage and review points, rewards and upcoming promotions easily through their website, making the program accessible from multiple devices.

Employee Buy-in

When I talk with store clerks about the program, most of them are knowledgeable and able to answer my questions. This indicates to me a real connection between corporate and the local stores, which I think is important for a loyalty program.

The other day when I entered the store and told the clerk I was not able to locate my card, he was able to help without a moment’s hesitation. He grabbed a new card, scanned my transaction, and explained to me that I could log into my account online and transfer all my points to the new card. What I saw as a potential problem was solved quickly and easily thanks to employees understanding how the program works.


During the process of logging in online and setting up my new card, which took me all of two minutes, I discovered a new feature in the rewards program – The Play feature.

Speedy Rewards Xbox Promotion

With the Play feature, I entered myself for two different drawings: a Halo 5 Xbox One 1TB Console and a Walt Disney World Vacation Package. I was able to redeem 50 points for every incremental entry into each drawing I wished.

How cool is that?!

Monthly Choice
In my first four months with the Speedy Rewards program, I received only 17 emails. The first was, of course, their welcome email and half of the remaining 16 came in the first month. Since then, there have only been three per month, which I appreciate because most retailers are sending me at least one email per day.

One of these monthly emails is a reminder to choose my monthly reward preference. I can choose bonus points for fuel or merchandise within the store. I always choose bonus points for fuel. The mobile app also prompts me to do this.

Two Thumbs Up

Speedway understands its customers. I have been purchasing fuel at Speedway since I started driving in 1991 because there was a Speedway in my hometown, but now I make a point to buy all my gas at Speedway, even when I am on the road. I also buy more store merchandise than ever before, and I engage with the rewards program which of course provides insights to Speedway for them to use the loyalty program to bring more value to people like me, its loyal customers.

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