How Custom Labeling Can Improve Your Brand Image

Custom Labels on Glass Coca Cola Bottles

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Your brand image is about more than color schemes and fonts; it’s about how customers perceive your brand. Your brand image pertains to what words and descriptors your audience connects with your brand. Do they see you as an innovator, like Apple? Or luxurious, like Gucci?

Your brand image ultimately stems from how you portray your business. Custom labeling is just one way to improve your brand image. Here’s how.

Generates Brand Awareness

Custom labeling builds brand awareness by adding a signature to your product. It answers the question, “who makes this?” that prospective customers might ask. For example, fashionistas can look at a label on a shirt they love and find out where they should be looking for similar styles. Someone who enjoys the glass of wine they’ve been offered can look at the label to learn more about the company that produced it.

In other words, a label is the first step in attracting new customers in our visually-driven world. Adding custom clothing labels from Deepking will show a prospective customer precisely where they can find your clothing line. Adding the appellation details and brand story to your wine labels can intrigue new customers and encourage them to try more of your offerings.

Adds Consistency Across Channels

Consistency is everything in branding. The most notable and renowned brands know that focusing on the smallest details can make a profound impact. Labels and packaging are the cherries on top of a strong branding strategy.

Adding consistent brand features via custom labels creates a connection with customers. It shows them that yes, this is the brand they loved seeing on social media. It conveys a sense of quality and care that makes customers feel comfortable spending their money.

Conveys Important Information

Labels aren’t just for show; they’re valuable real estate for conveying crucial information. For example, having a custom label that shows customers that your product is sustainable and vegan-friendly creates that association with your brand image. Having a label that shows customers how to care for the product correctly establishes a brand image that prioritizes quality and longevity.

Custom labels are also valuable for conveying information that keeps your company in compliance with regulations meant to protect consumers. By avoiding costly recalls and relabelling, you’re improving your brand image to showcase responsibility.

Custom Labeling on Clothesline

Creates a Stellar First Impression

Modern businesses have only a split second to attract a customer’s attention. Having custom labeling can demand attention and encourage a customer to invest more time in your product. The colors and imagery that you use can pique a customer’s curiosity and encourage them to pick up your product and learn more. Considering 64% of consumers will choose a new product based on packaging alone, custom labels can have a significant impact on your brand image.

First impressions are primarily an emotional response. Your custom label’s visual components will start to create a connection in the mind of passersby before their brains can form word associations. In this way, labels are one of the most critical aspects of building a brand image.

Differentiates from Competitors

Whether your product sells on store shelves or in an online setting, it’s easy to be lost in the noise. With so many similar products on the market, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd.

Having custom labels can help your product stand out from the competition. This effect improves your brand image by making your offerings more noticeable and memorable— even if you and the competition are selling the same thing.

Starbucks Coffee Cup Sleeve Custom Labeling

Final Thoughts

Custom labeling doesn’t have to break the bank. The extra investment of a few dollars here and there will pay for itself in improved noticeability, and a better brand image.

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