How Are You Capitalizing on Your Latest Convention?

You just returned from a convention. You spent tens of thousands of dollars of your company’s money and now you need something to show for it.


If you do, you are a player. But if you don’t then you are a squatting duck.


Don’t be a squatting duck.


Chances are you have the attendee list. You also should have contact information for everyone that visited your booth. Additionally, you probably have another event slated in the months ahead.


Now is the time to make your next move.


You could put together a nice little digital marketing campaign. Go ahead, do a case study and offer it as a download so you can gather some names, phone numbers, and email addresses…wait, did I just say “phone numbers?”


Do you ask for phone numbers? Hmmm, that’s interesting. What exactly are you going to do with those phone numbers?




I represent a company called Magnum Contact which has more than 350 highly skilled professionals that are trained, equipped, and experienced to place mass amounts of outbound calls to spark interest on your company and product. Even if you already have a staff dedicated and equipped to placing outbound calls there is only so much ground you can cover internally.

Utilizing a BDC like Magnum makes it possible to immediately hit the marketplace with phone calls, emails, and essential follow-ups to take prospects down a path in your sales funnel. By outsourcing some or all of these efforts you also see a better ROI because you are not investing into hiring/firing, training, managing, and equipping these resources.

At Magnum we are able to rotate call representatives in and out of different client campaigns. This helps reduce burnout plus it ensures that only the top performers are assigned to any given campaign. Heck, we are human. People perform better with some campaigns and not so good on others.


It’s in the Numbers


Look! There is no secret to sales. It’s sheerly a numbers game. If you have a worthy product that people will want then selling it comes down to math.


If you are going to spend $5k, or $10k, or likely even more to showcase your company and product then it is no doubt in your best interest to budget for a resource to ensure that people are looking for you while there and intent on meeting with you.


Stop dorking around with conventions, conferences, and summits if you aren’t going to capitalize on the opportunity. Stake your claim and create a splash. Get attendees locked in and intent on seeing you there.


Close at the show!

Close after the show!

Close in between shows!


About the Author

Ryan Gerardi
Creative, resourceful, and resilient B2B sales and marketing technologist who works with people and businesses on a variety of levels to help elevate their game, their brand, and their businesses.
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