🌪️ Flipping the Script on B2B Marketing and Sales Funnels

B2B Marketing Hacks with Ian Cobrun

When it comes to marketing and sales there can be some blurry lines. And when you throw in the idea of funnels and pipelines, the lines can get even blurrier. So let’s clarify some things.

By definition, marketing is the process by which products and services are brought into a marketplace of consumers. I look at the idea of marketing as an umbrella over the entire business, e.g. human resources, advertising, sales, client services, etc.

The practice of sales, which is a marketing function, is the process by which a product or service is exchanged for money, therefore making that product or service a commodity.

And therein lies the key word – commodity.

Marketing an idea through a product or service is not the same as selling a commodity. As such, a marketing funnel and a sales pipeline are two different things. But they are interconnected.

Marketing vs. Sales Funnels – Conversation with Ian Coburn

This is the premise of our conversation this week on the B2B Marketing and Sales Hacks webcast, where I welcome back sales guru – Ian Coburn. My guest and I will be discussing the differences between a poor marketing funnel and a quality one, why pipeline management is an essential part of the process, and how practice and repetition can lead to success.

B2B Marketing Hacks Webcast

Aired live in December 2019

About Ian Coburn – Author, Trainer, Speaker

Ian is the author of the definitive sales and customer service book, “The Customer is Never Right” [Buy on Amazon]. He has built, overseen, and trained a number of high-producing sales and customer service teams. He is an authority in training, learning and development, instructional design, LMS management, customer service, sales, analysis and recruitment across a variety of industries and departments.

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About the B2B Marketing and Sales Hacks Webcast Series

The B2B Marketing and Sales Webcast Series is a program intended for those interested in networking and collaborating with other like-minded professionals around the idea of B2B Marketing and B2B Sales. The program is free and consists of periodic webinar discussions like this plus monthly group coaching sessions for those who want to learn more and get practical with the ideas we discuss.

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