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B2B Marketing - Begin with the End Goal in Mind - Relationships

The idea of marketing is an elusive concept. Many companies and “marketers” limit the idea of marketing to branding, advertising, lead generation, demand generation, and the likes. But these are really various forms of PROMOTION. Marketing goes way beyond promoting.

A true definition of marketing could be defined as, “The process by which a company brings products and services into a market, or a marketplace.”

By this definition, Human Resources is a form of marketing, because HR sets and curates the policies by which an organization exists. The purpose of HR is to support employees.

Client Services is a form of marketing, because it is through customer service that an organization supports its customers and creates an experience beyond the sale.

And of course Sales is also a form of marketing. In fact, Sales is really a function of Client Services. The true purpose of Sales is to identify your customers’ pain points and find ways that your company’s products and services can alleviate those pains.

When you consider the three scenarios above, there is one common element amidst all three – RELATIONSHIPS!

Marketing Isn’t

Generally speaking, people buy from people they know, like, and trust. Especially in business-to-business relationships. Quality relationships with customers is one objective. And since quality relationships among employees are reflected and carried on to customers, then quality relationships with employees should be a marketing objective as well.

It is with this premise that we shall approach this week’s B2B Marketing and Sales Hacks session. Marketing is, by definition, an action, or set of activities, designed to bring products and services to market, albeit for the purpose of relieving a customer’s pain, or satisfying a need.

And by extension, should encompass the employee as well.

Last week we talked about staying connected not only with customers but also strategic partners and employees through private digital communities. Today we will build on this idea by talking about how your end goal – RELATIONSHIPS – is a good starting point for your overall marketing strategy.

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Aired in May 2020

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