Get real-time feedback from live audiences with new mobile video technology

For over a century, video has been a one-way conversation. But today there exists technology that gives media companies the power to ask its audience for their opinions, and for the audience to give a reply. This gives media companies and publishers the ability to discover emotional and spontaneous responses to how the audience feels about a particular program or moment of a program, instantly.

Whether your video content is from a conference, on television, or sitting on a website for long periods of time, media companies now have the ability to instantly collect the opinion of viewers watching from any media source. This can be done via cell phone, PC, laptop, tablet, you name it. If it can play online video, you can obtain this information now.

In addition, the information you can collect as a media company can be delivered to you in real time with powerful reporting metrics and analytical data.

Think about that. From an advertising perspective, that is truly powerful.

This year, you can expect to see some unique activity in the media and entertainment business from a little known company called iPowow, an Australian-borne venture startup that has developed this technology using an interface that puts media companies in a one-way mirror to discover what audiences might have to say about their particular program or video content.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

One example of this technology in use is with UFC, one the world’s fastest growing sports ventures in history. With iPowow, audience members have the ability to predict who will win each fight, while each fight is going on, all in real-time. Every TV viewer that plays the game can cast his or her vote, and change it as often has he likes, and then receive the results on his or her phone. In addition, the participant receives a discount at the UFC store.

2010 American Music Awards

Another example of this technology in use was with Coca-Cola at the American Music Awards in November 2010 where iPowow hosted what was called the “Hot or Hotter” game where participants could vote for the the “hotness” of select personalities that appeared on camera. Viewers were prompted to visit a website flashed on the screen which upon visiting loaded an interface that allowed them to vote for the hotness factor of the live personality. The real-time results were then displayed live on the broadcast.

These are just a couple examples and there are more lined up which we are planning to monitor and track here on our blog for the time to come. We believe this groundbreaking technology can catch a lot of eyeballs this year. For this year’s Super Bowl, iPowow is the key sponsor in the celebrity party of the year “Leather and Laces“, which solicits tables and gatherings for just more than $1k a person at Hotel ZaZa in Uptown Dallas.

If you would like to keep informed about the iPowow technology and receive leads on opportunities for cross-promotion and advertising, then you can follow with us by subscribing to our blog and also by following us on Twitter and Facebook where we share a lot of the same information. We also expect to help facilitate some of the events that iPowow gets involved with and offer various advertising opportunities at the local and national levels.

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