Tokyo Claims Least Carbon-Emitting Building of All Time

Just this month the Shimizu Corporation, a large architecture and engineering firm based in Tokyo, opened what many consider to be the least carbon-emitting building of all time!

Combining solar power, LED lighting, and an innovative HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system, this Tokyo tower is said to emit 62% less CO2 than the city’s average office building.

As if that reduction isn’t impressive enough, the company also announced future plans to become even “greener” by tweaking technology and purchasing carbon offsets to cut their overall carbon footprint down to zero.

Read more and check out photos of this ground-breaking architectural advancement.

This information was originally provided as an email from the photo sharing site Piccsy, a network not too dissimilar from Pinterest. Sometimes I wonder actually if the folks at Piccsy ever feel like Pinterest stole their thunder.

Distributing news like this however does show promise for the Piccsy tribe.

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