PickensPlan – Saving America with Alternative Energy Sources

A couple weeks ago there was an ad on television of a Texas gentleman by the name of T. Boone Pickens. It was a good ad on the subject of Alternative Energy Sources. It started off with sound bits and slow-moving imagery of presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. The advertisement alternated between the two making statements about the United States’ energy situation. Then Pickens himself chimed in.

Pickens is a senior Texas oil man apparently. As Senator Joe Lieberman has stated,

Pickens is somebody who’s in the oil business. He arrived in time to tell us we can’t drill our way out of this problem. He’s for using oil and gas as a bridge to what he, quite directly, says is the “non-hydrocarbon energy future.” He is ahead of us in Congress, so I thought his testimony was educational and, I hope, motivational.

In the ad, Pickens stated that America needs more than talk about our present energy situation and Alternative Energy Sources. We need action. But not just any action. A Plan of Action. And that is exactly what Mr. Pickens has…a plan and it is called PickensPlan.

PickensPlan is no joke. It is a “less than 10-year” plan to save America more than $300 billion dollars a year by shifting our exiting energy usage into new areas and replacing it with alternative energy, primarily Wind Power. I won’t bother re-iterating it here because you can visit the official site and watch a 6-minute video about it, or you can watch it right here, right now.

Now this leads to the other reason I am psyched about PickensPlan for Alternative Energy Sources. Whoever is behind PickensPlan from the Online Marketing standpoint is friggin on his game. PickensPlan starts its Alternative Energy Sources message with its website on the social network Ning. It has a straight-forward video that puts everything in perspective right there on the home page. It is clear and simple. PickensPlan also has a blog where they are reporting on their progress daily. If you look at the bottom of their blog, or in their email campaigns you also see links to places like their MySpace page, their Facebook profile, their Twitter, their LinkedIn page, their YouTube, etc.

Pickens has it. They get it. I don’t know how much they are investing into this and how many people or organizations are involved but whatever they are doing is working and working quickly. In just their first 2 weeks of rolling out, more than 150,000 people have joined the cause and T. Boone himself is hitting the big time networks, Washington, and the Web with his TRUE plan to save America with Alternative Energy Sources.

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