Hydros Filtering Water Bottle holds more than just water

In April when we hit the 2010 Go Green Expo of Greater Philadelphia we took our video camera along in hopes to capture some cool happenings. We met a lot of great people doing great things, and one of those great things that captured my interest the most was Hydros Bottle.

Founded by two U-Penn engineering grads Jay Parekh and Aakash Mathur who have set out to change the world, literally, Hydros Filtering Water Bottle is a reusable filtered water bottle designed with a filter that enables you to run tap water through with no lag so that you always have filtered drinking water on hand with you where you bring the Hydros Bottle.

So simple, yet so ingenious.

Now, a good invention is often an obvious idea once you see it. But the invention is not even the half of it. What impressed me the most was Parekh’s and Mathur’s social mission to improve the quality of drinking water worldwide with Operation Hydros.

With Operation Hydros, $1 from each Hydros Bottle sold will go towards a water infrastructure project designed to be socially, economically, and environmentally viable. Such sustainable development projects meet the needs of people today without compromising those of tomorrow.

For their first project, Hydros Bottle has partnered with the Engineers Without Borders USA to deliver fresh water to the village of Gundom. Once they have set aside enough funds to meet the current and expected future financial needs of the Gundom project, Hydros Bottle intends to do a second project to support.

Below is a 1-minute video we agreed to do for Hydros Bottle because we were so taken by their cause and wanted to go a little farther to help support their cause. You can visit the Hydros Life Facebook Fan page to keep up with everything they have going on. We too hope to keep up with them and help make their endeavor a success which I have no doubt will be.


Shouts out to Jay & Aakash for the great demo and a sample bottle. I have been using it every day and plan to buy some as Christmas presents later this year.

Hydros Bottle™ holds more than water. It is a chance to help the 1.1 billion people who do not have access to clean drinking water.

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