Fuel crisis in your own hands: Limit Refuels to 10 Gallons

This past week I spent more than $180 on gas for two different cars I have been driving – my wife’s and my own. $40 of gas got me less than 3/4 a tank. I had to stop driving because the thought of my fuel expense was making me ill.

This is crazy.

I am inclined to cancel my upcoming on-site client visits because technically I can do them via the web. Web meetings are not the same as in person, but the economics of these on-site visits is not adding up for me.

Dick Morris has a book coming out in 2 weeks which apparently sheds light on the responsibilities that the commodities markets have on our gas situation. I trust Morris’ point of view and am curious to see what he has to say because he often has valuable insight, but it won’t change much. Morris usually points blame at some one or some group or party and stokes the divide between parties.

Personally, I do not hold oil companies accountable. Sure they are making incredible profits, but this profit is necessary for them to innovate our energy supply.

Truth is, change is up to us. WE THE PEOPLE must take a stand.

I got to thinking. There are things we can each do to help drive down demand for gas which everybody knows drives down prices. From now on I am going to limit my refuels to 10 gallons per week.

“Why?” you ask.

By limiting how much fuel I allow myself, the less I am likely to consume because I will curb my driving habits to not exceed my allowance.

If everyone is committed to making at least some sacrifices to take a stand, consider the impact we can have. If 25% of the U.S. driving population cuts back on its fuel consumption by 25% for a few months, imagine what this would do to demand?

Note: This post was updated on 1/22/2013 for style-writing purposes. The old style was bugging me.

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