Featured products from 2010 Go Green Expo Philadelphia

Last month we were invited to attend the Go Green Expo of Greater Philadelphia in Oaks PA. One of our affiliates was providing the mobile opt-in service for the expo and so we had a chance to partner up with some good folks doing extraordinary things in the world.


Prior to the show we made an effort to connect with some of the vendors on Twitter. We then went on-site with our camera to meet with these folks and others there that caught our interest. While there we caught a demo of their product on tape and added those booths to Foursquare.com, which is a game of sorts you can play with friends and businesses on your mobile phone.


Below is our video from the expo. It’s about 8 minutes in length but it should keep you entertained. In it you get to meet each of the people with whom we connected and did a demo, including:




Shouts out to everyone involved that helped with the production of the video and making this possible: CMP Mobile, Catalyst Marketers, The Indie Show, Go Green Expo.


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