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Dynamically updated ads based on current dealer inventory are undeniably the hottest ad format in automotive advertising right now. Not surprisingly, considering the dramatically improved targeting, relevancy, and performance these ads provide.

In October 2017 during this live web chat we explored the latest dynamic inventory advertising methods, strategies, and results that top-performing dealerships are implementing to get ahead, and stay ahead, of their competition.

In the workshop, we answer the following questions about Dynamic Inventory Advertising:

  • What are dynamic ads?
  • How do dynamic ads work?
  • What are the benefits of dynamic ads?
  • What kind of performance results have dealers achieved using dynamic ads?

About the Presenters

Miles Olson
President & Founder, Hoot Interactive

A 20+ year digital advertising veteran, Miles originally founded Hoot Interactive as a digital agency in 2009. As demand for Hoot technology products surpassed the demand for Hoot services, the company made the transition from an ad agency to an AdTech software company. Miles and his team now support the integration of inventory data for over 500 dealership advertising campaigns.

Andrew Street
CEO, Dealer OMG

Andrew Street is a former Facebook employee, who helped develop and test Facebook’s small business advertising tools. After growing out of his role with Facebook, Street launched Dealer Online Marketing Group (OMG), an award-winning ad agency best known for lead generation with car dealers. Dealer OMG has earned the status of Preferred Marketing Partner with Facebook and is a trusted resource to beta test and review new ad products on the platform.

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