Dealership websites are trying to do too much. Too many offers, too much text, and too many CTAs competing for attention– in an effort to reach more customers, many websites are actually driving them away with overload. In this webinar, we’ll talk about how to declutter your dealership website and improve your VDPs so that they engage visitors, improve the shopping experience, and increase your bottom line.

In May 2017 we met with AutoLeadStar Head of Business Development Ilana Zur to talk about ways dealers can “declutter” their websites and tighten up their VDPs to enhance the shopper experience and generate more opportunities.

In the webinar we discussed:

  • Design beautiful websites that reflect your dealership’s goals
  • Promote engagement that is relevant and personalized
  • Create VDPs that convert, and track their success across multiple metrics

About Ilana Zur

Ilana is a Contributor on DealerRefresh. She and her team at AutoLeadStar help maximize the automotive industry’s expansion to digital by transforming dealership websites into digital showrooms. AutoLeadStar uses machine learning to customize the experience of the online shopper, helping to build credibility and trust. Their team of digital specialists, data scientists, and automotive experts uses intelligence and sophistication to drive the future of dealerships to success.

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