A DealerRefresh Web Chat with Ilana Zur, Head of Business Development at AutoLeadStar

The automotive industry is built on strong relationships and trust. So the shift to digital presents a challenge: bringing that personalized experience to online shoppers without face-to-face interaction. With smart targeting personalization technology, dealerships can create a customized online shopping experience that builds trust, promotes satisfaction, and boosts leads and sales.

A personalized digital dealership provides the one-to-one customization of the brick and mortar showroom.

During this live video web chat, we will discuss:

  • What is personalization?
  • Why personalization is a gamechanger?
  • Personalization for The Dealership Website
  • Smart Targeting: The Key to Personalized Dealership Websites
  • How Lift Lead Capture and Boost Sales with Smart Targeting

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About Ilana Zur

Ilana is a Contributor on DealerRefresh. She and her team at AutoLeadStar help maximize the automotive industry’s expansion to digital by transforming dealership websites into digital showrooms. AutoLeadStar uses machine learning to customize the experience of the online shopper, helping to build credibility and trust. Their team of digital specialists, data scientists, and automotive experts uses intelligence and sophistication to drive the future of dealerships to success.

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