Amazon Takes On Netflix

The online video streaming market continues to be a hot topic, with now hoping to release its own streaming service to compete with Netflix.  On the heels of the recent NBC / Comcast negotiations with the FCC regarding online video streaming, for which NBC / Comcast wants limited online distribution, Amazon’s potential move follows standard large company practice – let other companies lead and then gobble them up by utilizing their vast amount of resources.

Although Netflix is no small fry, Amazon is perhaps the world’s largest distributor of online goods, such as books and ebooks, as well as automotive parts, jewelry, and music.

Amazon is currently speaking with large content distribution companies in regards to online video distribution of movies and TV shows.  Intending to launch this new endeavor before the holidays, it looks like Amazon will fall short of their initial intentions, but that doesn’t mean the online giant won’t get what it wants.  Although content companies, leery of over-distribution in the wake of the music industry’s distribution fallout, may try to resist further distribution, it is likely that they will give in.

Intending to bundle this online video streaming service with their $79 per year Amazon Prime service, the company’s streaming services would come in at $17 less than Netflix’s yearly service.

Could this be a bad omen for Netflix, which already uses  Amazon’s web services?

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