AutoConversion Contributor - Ryan Gerardi

Ryan Gerardi, Executive Producer & Host (Chicago, USA)

As Executive Producer and Host of all programming here on AutoConversion, Ryan oversees the editorial calendar and the overall marketing initiatives at AutoConversion. Gerardi is constantly seeking innovative ways to be cutting edge and relevant. He has a big heart and a unique capacity to see things through at all costs. Some have even called him the "Bob Ross of B2B Media."

AutoConversion Contributor - Robb Holman

Robb Holman, Producer & Co-Host (Philadelphia, USA)

Brace yourself. Robb is one of the most incredible people you may ever meet. Abundant with love and passion, Robb has a unique desire and ability to make you hungry and thirsty - for Life. He listens, he speaks, and he even lets you sit awkwardly in silence sometimes too. Author of Lead the Way (hist first book) and the online course - Inside Out Leadership Academy, Robb has more to offer than the average Joe. And that's a true understatement. Robb is co-host of the White Collar Therapy Show. Visit Robb on the web at

Terry Lancaster, Producer & Co-Host (Nashville, USA)

Terry is an exquisite individual. Always on his game, Terry is witty and "sharp as a pistol." He has a big heart and a deep desire for everyone to always be better. In fact, he wrote a book called Better! Self Help for the Rest of Us which you should buy on Amazon. Terry also hosts a show and podcast called the Get Ya Some Radio Show that you can find at Terry joins us here on AutoConversion regularly and is a major contributor.

AutoConversion Contributor - Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips, Producer & Co-Host (Colorado Springs, USA)

Mike is the kind of guy you would entrust anyone and anything with from the moment you meet him. An underestimated pioneer in YouTube marketing and Leadership coaching, Mike is a regular around here at AutoConversion, but he just isn't here enough. Proprietor and host of, Mike is a superhero in his own rite.