6 Video Ideas for Dealers and Retailers

Examples of Value Proposition Videos for Auto Retailers [VIDEO]

Excerpt from our free on-demand video course for auto dealers show several different types of videos dealers can make for their website: New Model Test Drive Information Videos, Vehicle Inventory Walkaround Videos, Why Buy from Us Value Proposition Videos, and Finance FAQ Videos. Get the free online course today.

Live Web Chat with Tim James, Flick Fusion

Your Video Marketing Strategy is only as Good as Your Platform [VIDEO]

Today’s video marketing has come a long way and it shows no signs of slowing down.  If anything, the technology is poised to become even more robust and capable of delivering usable analytics for businesses by creating engaging, relevant, and personalized content for users.

6 Video Ideas for Dealers and Retailers

6 Video Types for Auto Dealers and Retailers [VIDEO]

Video overview of 6 different types of videos that auto dealers and other retailers should consider for their marketing strategy: Value Proposition, Educational and Informative, Walkaround, Customer Testimonials, Service Diagnosis, Live Stream. Get the free online video marketing strategy course here.

Is your website optimized for voice search

Voice Search Optimization for Your Retail Website [VIDEO]

Video and podcast featuring conversation with two auto retail marketers and a Chicagoland marketer about the growing trend of voice search for online shopping, and what retailers need to be thinking about and doing with Voice Search Optimization (VSO).

5 Ways to Fail with Video

5 Ways for Retailers to Fail with Video Marketing

Video has emerged as one of the single most important elements in today’s marketing campaigns.  Video engages users and draws them into your blog, website, and social media channels, resulting in visits that last nearly…

Branded Search - PPC Hacks for Dealers

Branded Search – Optimize PPC Ads to Include Your Dealership Name [VIDEO]

This video and podcast features the first of three webcasts conducted with Experian Automotive where we begin dissecting the key takeaways of their 2018 Automotive Sales Attribution Study. In this session, we have a look at Branded Search – the data and best practices for dealers to purchase their own name in PPC Advertising.

Automotive Sales Attribution - Every Sale Has a Story

Automotive Sales Attribution – Every Sale Has a Story

Equipped with the ability to identify your website’s highest value users, dealers now have a new ability. The ability to determine which traffic sources and advertising partners are providing highest value users.