B2B Hour on AutoConversion w/ Jeremiah Fox, Lance Knaub, Kris Kelso

LIVE WED MAR 10. Entrepreneurialism and Overcoming the Imposter

This week on the AutoConversion B2B Hour…Entrepreneurialism and Overcoming the Imposter with guests Kris Kelso, Jeremiah Fox, and Lance Knaub. Author Kris Kelso joins us for an interview about his new book followed by an interview with entrepreneur Jeremiah Fox and Lance Knaub. After the interviews we have a 30-minute panel discussion with the four of us where we will be more collaborative and interactive and where we can bring others in for Q&A.

Man at Desk

Top 5 Customer Experience Metrics to Grow Your Business

This contributed guest post explains the top 5 Customer Experience Metrics to grow your business, which includes: Monitoring customer engagement, checking your customer effort score, keeping customer acquisition costs low, keeping a close eye on customer satisfaction, and the power of social listening.

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