🎙 Websites and Social Media: What Makes Them a Success for Your Business?

Kelly Jennings on B2B Hour

Websites and Social Media – Two important digital strategies that practically all B2B companies and professionals rely on for their marketing. A website can be essential for most businesses, but not a prerequisite for success. And social media, as enticing as it is because it is normally free, does not guarantee success either, let alone a viable ROI – return on investment.

Why then do a majority of business owners normally feel that these two strategies are necessary? Why do people (and businesses) spend thousands of dollars on websites that do not attract people or generate income? Why do we spend hours upon hours noodling around with social media, only to wonder where the business is?

Could it be that we are misunderstanding the role that they play? Could it be that these strategies are necessary, but not by and of themselves? Are there other components or strategies in your business that influence or are contributing factors to the success of your business?

What about things like a business plan, vision, mission, and purpose? Can a website or a social media strategy contribute to the success of your business lacking clarity, or planning?

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These are some of the things that come to mind I see and hear people talk about their marketing or online strategy. In my experience, many business owners, especially solopreneurs, think that building a website and spending time on social media is going to drive their business. They spend precious time and money working on these two strategies, have little to show for it, and do not understand why.

How can we change this? This is the premise of our discussion this month on B2B Hour. Follow the button link below to tune into the live stream on YouTube, and if you want to be part of the discussion then see below for instructions.

B2B Hour

Wednesday November 9 at Noon Central (US & Canada)

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Our featured is Kelly Jennings, Air Force Master Sergeant Veteran who is now a transformational coach who guides her clients to lead effectively, uncover purpose, and develop authority and influence. Kelly was on the discussion panel last month where we talked about remote work and a culture of well-being. This month, Mrs. Jennings joins to share her journey with websites and social media.

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