🎙 Video Marketing, Remote Work, and Culture of Well-Being

Layoffs have been at the forefront of a turbulent 2022 for U.S. workers, thanks primarily to the shadow of a potential recession. Cuts by tech companies – Crunchbase News says 42,000 tech workers were laid off through mid-September – have hogged the headlines, but no sector has gone unaffected. Cost-cutting has become common, too; Meta, Google, Walmart and FedEx are just a few of the big names to announce streamlining moves. All the news isn’t grim, however: Jobless claims hit a five-month low the last week of September.

That is curious. Is there more to the story, maybe?

Well, in a recent Forbes article, an alternate headline reads, “Executives and Leaders Are Leaving Their Roles Due to Burnout. In the article, Kara Dennison said, “Deloitte survey revealed that almost 70% of executives are considering leaving their jobs for workplaces that care more for their well-being. According to the same study, 57% of employees outside of management roles want to quit for similar reasons.”

So which is it? Layoffs, or an exodus to self-employment?

If the former – layoffs, then that could be a tell tale sign of things to come economically. If the latter, then there could be an epidemic of disinterest in the professional “white collar” class.

Most likely, it is a bit of both.

According to Leadership Author Robb Holman, “in order to overcome this epidemic, leaders today must learn to create and sustain a culture of well-being – from the inside out.”

But what does this mean exactly? A culture of well-being from the inside out? And could this also be why so many white collar workers also are fighting to continue working remotely as much as possible?

In this episode of B2B Hour on AutoConversion, we explore these developments and how they impact society, workers, and entrepreneurs. We begin with an interview with video marketing pro Vicki O’Neill, who offers a quiz on her website to help assess the right video type for you and your business. We then segue into the Mindset segment with Global Speaker and 3x Leadership Author Robb Holman, who will be sharing a practical tip that will help set you and your team members up for greater success. And to wrap it up we have a panel discussion planned with GPS Member Kelly Jennings and other B2B Pros.

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News Items & Current Events

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