🎤 Transcend Your Self with #1 Small Business Guru Michael E. Gerber

Robb Holman Inside Out Leadership Interview w/ Michael Gerber

If you want to transform yourself, you first need to “transcend yourself,” says Michael E. Gerber, best-selling author and who Inc. Magazine calls the World’s #1 Small Business Guru.

And he would know. The entrepreneurial and small business thought leader has impacted the lives of millions of small business owners and hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide for over 40 years.

Gerber has been a NY Times mega-bestselling author for two consecutive decades. He has authored nine other worldwide best selling E-Myth books concerning small business entrepreneurship, leadership, and management.

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The E-Myth Revisited – Transcending yourself to transform yourself, which you can buy on Amazon with our affiliate link, involves 5 main components:

  1. Concentration
  2. Discrimination
  3. Organization
  4. Innovation
  5. Communication

Read by millions worldwide, published in 30 languages, taught in 118 universities, Micheal Gerber will challenge you to dream bigger than you’ve ever had the courage to dream before. To make your Dream truly extraordinary, your Vision tangible and pragmatic, your Purpose inspired by meaning, and your Mission to make it real.

In May 2021, we welcomed Michael to the stage for a live interview on the Inside Out Leadership Show with Robb Holman, which you can view here on YouTube.


Ep. 5 – Michael Gerber – World’s #1 Small Business Guru

In our fifth live installment, Robb’s guest is Michael E. Gerber, who is not only a great author but also a great leader of business transformation services as well. His business development companies have served hundreds of thousands of small business owner clients since first founded in 1977, inspiring, teaching, coaching, mentoring and training their founders, CEOs, and managers at every level of their operations to bring a systemic optimization to everything they do.

Inside Out Leadership with Robb Holman

Robb Holman is on a mission to interview 12 of the world’s greatest Inside Out Leaders over the next 12 months.

These transformational leaders are leaving an extraordinary mark within their sphere of influence resulting in transformational change. They have faithfully demonstrated inspiration, humility, courage, perseverance, and servant leadership!

Robb will be honing in on the inner work of each of these leaders individually and how that has contributed to their outer work of influence. The interviews will be recorded and then featured on Robb Holman’s Inside Out Leadership Podcast.

You can find all his episodes here.

About Robb Holman

Robb Holman is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, podcast co-host, and bestselling author. Robb has a heart for authentic relationships and a talent for equipping professionals with the skills and knowledge needed for true success. You can visit Robb on the web by going to www.robbholman.com.

Robb is also an Affiliate Partner here at AutoConversion. Robb played a leading role and was an executive producer of White Collar Therapy & Leadership, which ran from September 2018 through late spring 2020. Robb is presently the face and leader of the Get Paid to Speak Bootcamp, a six-month course designed for those who want to get paid speaking gigs and make a career from it.

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