🎙 How to Poll Your Social Media Network for Engagement and Insights

Robb Holman on B2B Hour

When we think of social media for business purposes we tend to think of networking as the primary benefit, which is a great benefit. Another benefit might also be engagement. Anytime you can engage your audience, you probably should.

And what about insights? What are some insights you gain from social media? How do you measure and quantify these insights, and what do you do with them?

These are questions we explore in this live episode of B2B Hour with Author and Speaker Robb Holman. Robb taps into his networks on social media by polling his connections with questions that people can answer with multiple choices. This forces those responding to choose pre-selected answers which allows him to narrow down what it is people ultimately want.

This is one of a handful of ideas we will discuss on the show this hour with Robb.

Embrace Calm and Celebrate Your Success

Also on the program is Nikki Gangemi, a Personal Trainer for Your Mind who will share her CALM Method, four simple steps to harness the power of positive thoughts. We welcome Nikki to the stage for the Wellness Mindset segment, and she has a special offer for those tuning in.

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About the Guests

A familiar face here on AutoConversion, Robb Holman is Host and Executive Producer of the Inside Out Leadership Show w/ Robb Holman that we have produced since January 2021. He is the CEO of global leadership consultancy, Holman International, and the bestselling author of two leadership books. His highly-anticipated follow-up, Move the Needle has been endorsed by some of the top leadership experts of our time. You can watch the replay of the book launch for Move the Needle right here on AutoConversion. [LinkedIn]

Nikki Gangemi is an International Board Certified Success & Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, speaker, author, and founder of Mindful Matters LLC, though she calls herself a Personal Trainer for Your Mind! [LinkedIn]

Dr. Lance Knaub is Founder and CEO of Denali Consulting where he helps entrepreneurs have a life (and avoid No Life Syndrome) while they are growing their business. An Entrepreneur himself, Lance recently sold his Physical Therapy business and with his book The 4% Break-Thru Lance is helping entrepreneurs “break through” by becoming part of only 4% of small business owners whose business survive more than 10 years. [LinkedIn]

About the Show

B2B Hour is a live webcast we host about once a month for friends and members to stay connected and engaged and to exchange B2B marketing and sales hacks. It’s a networking slash idea exchange where you can be introduced to other business leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

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