🎤 How Important is Podcasting for your B2B Marketing Strategy?

B2B Hour - Podcast Strategy

According to a recent survey by Jacobs Media, Tech Survey 2021, radio listeners appear to be migrating more towards podcasts. In fact, of the 42,000 people surveyed, 38% of radio listeners are listening to a podcast at least once a month. Of those surveyed, twenty-nine percent report listening to a podcast at least once a week, with fourteen percent listening daily.

Now, I personally am skeptical of surveys due to their inherent bias and subjectivity, and the above information does come from a database of people who were opted in to the surveyor’s email newsletter whose core business is in radio. However, I do think it is fair to say that podcast adoption continues to be on the rise, unlike other traditional media such as radio and network television.

And while this survey does not shed light as to the types of podcasts being listened to, you can reasonably speculate that no matter what types of podcasts people tune into, if you listen to podcasts then will listen to other podcasts.

Does this mean you should have a podcast for your B2B marketing strategy? Well, only you can answer that, but having a podcast strategy is probably a thing worth considering.

In our fourth monthly edition of the B2B Hour we will focus on the rapid adoption of podcasting and the pros and cons of having a podcast strategy for your business. Whether you have a podcast for your business or are considering the idea, whether you listen to podcasts or not, this month’s episode will be informative and insightful for your strategic planning.

B2B Hour on AutoConversion

Aired June 2021

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Meet Q’d Up Founder John Luckenbaugh
Wellness Mindset Tips w/ Stefan Zavalin
Panel Discussion 

Guests & Agenda

Our first guest is John Luckenbaugh, Founder and Owner of Q’d Up, a podcast and audio production company since 2006 based in Pennsylvania. Since founding and growing Q’d Up to be a leading audiobook and podcast production company, John has produced and launched podcasts for Penn State Health System, The Hershey Company, and done audio work on many well known podcasts. John also earned a Bachelors of Science in Audio Production from IUP in 2001 and a certificate of engineering from Recording Connection in 2006.

Our second guest on the program is Stefan Zavalin who will lead the 10-minute Health & Wellness segment we introduced to the show last month. In the physical therapy space, Zavalin consults on the use of physical movement and work environment to reduce stress and chronic discomfort and promote healthier workplace habits to improve longevity.

Panel Discussion – Pros and Cons of a Podcasting Strategy

In the second half of the program we will switch into panel mode with John and Stefan where we discuss the pros and cons of a podcast strategy for your business, whether that involves a strategy of participating in podcasts or having a dedicated podcast for your business.

As implied above, Luckenbaugh is in the podcasting business whereas Zavalin recently started is consulting firm Love to Move, Move to Love and must consider the role a podcast strategy might play for him.

This discussion will be a continuation of last month’s episode, Omni-Channel Multimedia Marketing for Your Personal Brand and Business.

About the B2B Hour

The B2B Hour on AutoConversion is a new media concept we are experimenting with that picks up where we left off with B2B Marketing and Sales Hacks. The idea is to bring together B2B marketing professionals and entrepreneurs for interviews, discussions, and mini breakout sessions to explore ideas and best practices for business, leadership, marketing, and technology.

AutoConversion offers two free discussion groups where registered members are invited to participate in these events as guests, speakers, panelists, or to simply attend and participate in the Q&A.

The two discussion groups include B2B Marketing Pros and Audio Video Pros. You may sign up for one or both groups and by doing so you open the door for yourself to a growing community of like-minded business professionals committed to success and personal values.

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