Interview with ‘Sh*t Sandwich’ Author Steve Stauning [PODCAST]

Steve Stauning, Author

Do you ever find that life sometimes isn’t fair?

Do you know people who believe that a great life at work and at home are beyond their grasp?

Truth is, a great life often requires nothing more than little sacrifices that most people are unwilling to make, at least according to Author Steve Stauning. Find out what’s wrong with today’s mainstream success and motivational speakers, authors, and books.

In this interview with Steve Stauning, Author of the book ‘Sh*t Sandwich’ we discuss what success really means in the modern world, as it pertains not only to Millennials, but people of all generations, backgrounds, and demographics.

If you like what you hear, please consider purchasing the book from Amazon using our affiliate link. Thank you, and enjoy!

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Ryan Gerardi
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