LIVE WED DEC 14. Income Opportunities in the Solar Revolution and FinTech

Bob Miller and Tony Provost on B2B Hour

For obvious reasons, December is a fantastic month for retail sales. But for B2B professionals, this can be a challenging month. Your ideal prospects are typically preoccupied with the holidays and retail shopping, not necessarily prioritizing about their business strategy. But that should not keep you from prioritizing your own business strategy. There is still 5% of the year remaining!

Join us in our final show of the year as we explore two super viable business opportunities – one in the solar energy business and one in the financial technology business, or FinTech. Both of these businesses come in a new era of commerce and industry, where the stakes are high environmentally and financially.

In the first part of the show, Bob Miller the Solar Sales Coach from Certainty Solar joins us to lay out the case for why Solar Energy is about to experience a revolution and how you can be part of it, as a solar energy producer and/or advisor.

There are several benefits for homeowners to be equipping their homes with solar energy producing systems – from environmental to financial, and there is tremendous opportunity for marketing and sales professionals to tap into this booming industry, albeit in its still early stages.

Coach Miller will discuss why now is a good time for marketing and sales professionals to get into the solar business, and more specifically he will share the Apricot Solar business model where friends and family can create significant income streams that benefit their families and communities.

In the latter part of the show, Tony Provost from National Life Group joins us to explain why nobody can catch up to retail but where opportunity lies for entrepreneurs to get into the FinTech business, specifically through a program he is designing with NLG.

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