Personal Vision and Leadership for Everyday Professionals [VIDEO]

On Air with Mike Phillips and Robb Holman

Normally, our guests and conversations featured on AutoConverse revolve around people, ideas, technologies related to how we are connected and how we get around. But in this episode, you get a glimpse of something new. Something we plan to introduce later this year. A podcast featuring that will concentrate on life, health, and career. Because, as fun and exciting as future tech is, there’s more to life than just technology.

The Guests

In this episode we welcome back Mike Phillips, video blogger and podcaster of “The Front” by Lead the Team, along with very special guest Robb Holman. Mike has appeared on our podcast multiple times, but for Robb this is his first time. Robb is a Global Leadership Coach and Author of the new book Lead the Way, Inside Out Leadership Principles for Business Owners and Leaders (View on Amazon).

Personal Vision

During our conversation, we explore the idea of personal vision and inside out leadership. Two concepts instilled into me personally by Robb Holman years ago. This is an experience I refer to often, not only in private conversations and in speaking engagements, but also on our podcasts and live shows.

Video Preview

Enjoy the original live stream recording on our Facebook Page:
Inside Out Leadership in the Connected World

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Ryan Gerardi
Creative, resourceful, and resilient B2B sales and marketing technologist who works with people and businesses on a variety of levels to help elevate their game, their brand, and their businesses.
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