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When you check your social media feeds these days, you are almost guaranteed to see people you know and do business with posting videos of themselves (or with others), often talking about how to do things better – the way they do them, or how to have a better life-work experience. The creativity and aesthetics of which can certainly vary.

You also probably see your share of custom-made memes by your peers offering up some sort of life hack or tip or inspiration.

Do you ever wonder what drives people to do this, to be content producers? What is their motivation and how does publishing information like this benefit their business? Or, even better, how do they justify the ROI?

Question: What’s “in” a successful omni-channel multimedia strategy?

In our third monthly edition of the B2B Hour we invite a few of these content producers, or “Space People” as our friend Terry Lancaster refers to them, to share with us why they publish what they do, what inspires them to produce what they do, and how it benefits them and their businesses. See below for details…

B2B Hour on AutoConversion

Aired May 2021

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Meet ‘Survive & Thrive Podcast’ Producer Jennifer Ayres
Health & Wellness with Sheri Traxler
Panel Discussion 

Agenda, Guests, & Panelists

Our first guest is Jennifer Ayers, Founder & Managing Partner of Concinnity leading a team of strategic advisors leveraging human and capital connections to advance quality of life initiatives. Jennifer recently completed season one of her company’s first podcast – Survive and Thrive, which offers up ideas, learnings, and stories about organizational and personal transformation.I will be talking with Jennifer one-on-one about why and how she came up with the podcast concept as a media strategy for her business, and any takeaways she can offer from completing her first season.

Our second guest on the program is Sheri Traxler, who you might recall was one of the co-hosts in Season 4 of the White Collar Therapy & Leadership Show featured here on AutoConversion in 2019. Sheri is a Personal Health Coach who helps companies through her firm ViREO Life create a culture of wellness to improve the productivity and health of employees, and who helps individuals to have greater energy and mental clarity. With May being Global Employee Health & Fitness Month, we look forward to what Sheri has to offer companies and individuals tuning in for this segment.

And Panelists

For the remainder of the show we will flip into panel discussion mode and welcome back both Jeremiah Fox and Lance Knaub who together helped kick off the B2B Hour series in March. Lance is building out a media & public relations strategy for his new company Denali Consulting which includes blogging and podcast, and Jeremiah has recently launched his own podcast Entrepreneurial Web Radio.

Discussion: What’s “in” an omni-channel multimedia strategy?

Our focus on the panel will be defining and understanding an omni-channel multimedia strategy. Each of our panelists have or are embarking on a media strategy for their businesses that includes blogging, podcasting, and video. We will engage the panelists to talk about the inspiration behind and vision for their respective podcasts, how they have or are getting them off the ground, and how they do or expect to measure and justify their ROI or return on investment.

About the B2B Hour

The B2B Hour on AutoConversion is a new media concept we are experimenting with that picks up where we left off with B2B Marketing and Sales Hacks. The idea is to bring together B2B marketing professionals and entrepreneurs for interviews, discussions, and mini breakout sessions to explore ideas and best practices for business, leadership, marketing, and technology.

AutoConversion offers two free discussion groups where registered members are invited to participate in these events as guests, speakers, panelists, or to simply attend and participate in the Q&A.

The two discussion groups include B2B Marketing Pros and Audio Video Pros. You may sign up for one or both groups and by doing so you open the door for yourself to a growing community of like-minded business professionals committed to success and personal values.

About the Author

Ryan Gerardi
Creative, resourceful, and resilient B2B sales and marketing technologist who works with people and businesses on a variety of levels to help elevate their game, their brand, and their businesses.
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