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Group Coaching for AC Pros

Over the last couple of years we have been experimenting with business coaching at AutoConversion, hand-in-hand with a membership model. The idea of a membership model was something that had been in the works for at least a year, but not yet implemented. The idea of offering coaching, however, was new and it stemmed from the continual observation of people talking about starting a blog or a newsletter or some sort of show or podcast, but months later they had made little to no progress.

We have been producing omni-channel multimedia content week in and week out for years. In fact, we do enough of it to have warranted the spinoff – AutoBurst Media. I know first hand how time consuming and tedious the work can be, which is why so many people stop pursuing it or never even get started.

This got me wondering – what specifically holds people and companies back from their content marketing aspirations? If we can identify the obstacles, then we can break through the mountain.

Chances are, one major obstacle is lack of priority. Small business owners and leaders tend to work on the lower hanging fruit at the expense of longer term strategies, alas “in” the business and not “on” the business. Blogging and podcasting are long-term strategies and do not typically yield a great ROI right away. They need time to develop and grow to make an impact. And as they do, these strategies can be powerful.

But lack of prioritizing is only one hurdle. Once you are committed to making your content marketing a priority, you also will need a process, or a system really to make this type of content week in and week out year after year. A system where you gather and brainstorm ideas, manage the production process, and record and analyze the metrics so you can see the ROI.

A system for great coaching

This is where our coaching comes in. The amount of time and attention and energy required to have an omnichannel multimedia content marketing strategy is big league and seemingly out of reach for your everyday marketer or business owner. This is because it involves more than just creating good content once in a while. It requires creating great content consistently. And to do that, your strategy must be dialed in tight with your VISION.

Our coaching is designed to support you in this process with an existing system – our system, in a way that works for you and your organization.

Coaching and consulting tend to go hand in hand, but they are not the same thing. Defining them is important for everyone whether they are paying for these services or providing them.

One definition for Consulting, from a service perspective, is providing an executable service of which the provider is responsible. In other words, the provider does the work. Coaching, on the other hand, is providing a process or system for which the client is responsible. In other words, the client does the work and uses the coach’s system. Any consulting that is necessary would be identified from the coaching.

With consulting, the key variable is the consultant, the activities of which are controlled by the consultant. But with coaching, the client is the key variable and their activities are controlled by the client. This is a lot of responsibility on the client and it also puts the fate of the outcome in the client’s hands.

Can you spell D-A-N-G-E-R?

One of the greatest insights I have come across about business coaching and what makes it successful, comes from an interview with Marshall Goldsmith on Inside Out Leadership w/ Robb Holman back in June 2021. When asked how he has been able to achieve such great results with his coaching, Marshall explained it has everything to do with who he works with, not he himself being a great coach.

> Listen here beginning at 13:23

If you listen to Marshall in the video you will hear him explain that his success is based on his clients’ successes, which results from them doing the work, not his coaching. He is being modest and does not point to anything of his doing, but he must have a perceived value that his clients want to pay for.

This is Sage-like. In the Tao Teh Ching Chapter 17, the first line reads, “The highest type of ruler is one whose existence the people are barely aware.” This is the conundrum of coaching. When the client succeeds, the coach is on the sideline.

This is the type of coaching we want to provide here at AutoConversion.

Group Coaching for AC Pros & Insiders

At AutoConversion, we facilitate weekly roundtables for people who want to impact their business and their person in one or more key areas: auto sales and automotive marketing, solar power, blockchain and cryptocurrency, media and technology. These are the some of the coaching programs we offer that we talk about on our podcast.

The roundtables are limited to 10 people per session and we go in order of arrival. Each participant has a chance to share and receive peer input on whatever they want (YOUR priority), and contribute to the group, as well.

There is no cost to participate in the roundtables, but registration is required. AC Insiders (free members) are limited to one session per month but AC Pros (premium members) may attend as often as desired. AC Pros also get VIP “priority” seating.

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Sometimes it is a place to get objective feedback or input. Sometimes it is a way to prioritize or strategize. Sometimes it is about accountability. You want to be clear about what you hope to accomplish from each session. Effectively, you get what you put into it.

Group coaching roundtable for AC Pros & Guests

How to Join

You must register via Eventbrite to receive the access link for each session. By registering, you will receive an email confirmation with the option to add the event to your calendar. This is STRONGLY recommended. You will also be automatically reminded by Eventbrite of each upcoming event for which you are registered, and you will receive the access link to join those roundtables.

During the registration process, you will be prompted to choose which area(s) of interest you will have for the session: Audio Video Pros, Auto Sales Pros, Crypto Pros, and Solar Pros. You may choose more than one or all four if you wish. By doing this, you will be added to our member system for the program(s) you choose, and we will send you more detailed information about those programs. You will always be able to remove yourself from any program at any time.

There is no cost for registering and while you are not obligated to attend, you are expected to be there.

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Show Prep for Guests

The roundtables are also used for guest show prep, that is, people who are making an appearance on our show. The primary goal is to familiarize you with StreamYard and answer any questions you might have about being on the show. This also gives you a chance to see what we do in the roundtable sessions, and it gives roundtable participants a chance to meet our show guests and see what we have coming up on the show.

This makes the roundtables great for networking purposes, as well.

Learn StreamYard

The sessions are facilitated via StreamYard – browser-based software that we use to live stream our bi-weekly Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show, or the MTC Show. This helps ensure that you are familiar with StreamYard prior to being on the show, and that your audio and video work.

StreamYard works on desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is browser-based so no app install is required. Video is not required, but it is recommended. Audio is required.

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