🎤 Employee Productivity, Space Utilization, and Organizational Efficiency

B2B Hour on AutoConversion with Ryan Gerardi and Guests Gayle Gunn, Rob Marchalonis

Efficiency and productivity. Two things that go hand-in-hand for both individual workers and teams or organizations. But did you know that most workgroups perform at just 50-70% of their potential? Why is that, how is this measured and calculated, and what can be done to increase that number?

Many organizations look to increase output by simply hiring more workers, but this can just add to overall under-performance. Improving the productivity within yourself and each of your employees and workgroups is likely your biggest opportunity.

The best businesses in most categories enjoy productivity levels of 80%, 90%, or higher. But to get there they’ve had to learn, experiment, innovate, and invest.

This is the premise of our next episode of the B2B Hour here on AutoConversion. We begin the show with a conversation about employee productivity, what it is, how it is measured, and how leaders can improve productivity. We then shift our focus to personal efficiency and how to awaken the mind-body-space connection to clear clutter from your physical space, and maybe even some dross of your inner space.

B2B Hour on AutoConversion

Aired Live in September 2021

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Employee Productivity w/ Rob Marchalonis
Space Utilization w/ Gayle Gunn
Discussion: Employee Productivity & Organizational Efficiency

Employee Productivity and How to Improve

When it comes to organizational efficiency, the accomplishment of any worthwhile objective is directly connected to the leadership strategy and processes that come with it. The character of the leaders, their behaviors, their actions, everything that comes with leadership, has an enormous impact on most organizations.

But here’s the thing. The impact of leadership strategy and process is almost inversely proportional. A relatively small number of leaders in any given organization have the greatest impact on the organization’s results and outcomes.

One of the most important roles for these leaders is to develop great strategies or plans by which they operate, move forward, and succeed. From these strategies come processes, but it’s the leadership itself that has the ultimate impact.

One leadership strategy that has proven effective is to properly and adequately incentivize workers and employees. But incentivizing employees is not one size fits all. Individual employees are motivated by different things, and any seasoned organizational leader knows it’s not all about compensation. Workers need and will respond to different types of incentives.

How Incentives Can Help Tap Hidden Treasures Within Employees

In his book, IncentShare, Author Rob Marchalonis shows why and how to use incentives and variable compensation plans to engage and motivate employees to achieve remarkable results. Among the many ways to energize a team, none are as powerful as sharing your success or gains with the people who will help you achieve them.

Everyday, millions upon millions of employees show up to work discouraged, distracted, and disengaged. But does going to work need to be this way? If employers find creative and smart ways to share their success, can they unleash hidden capacities and potential among their employees?

Marchalonis, Founder of LSP123 which helps organizations with employee productivity, joins us for a conversation about how companies and leaders can motivate, recruit, and get results with incentives.

Space Utilization 

After the interview we have Space Utilization specialist Gayle Gunn joining the stage who will lead the Wellness Mindset segment with her tips for being more efficient with your personal space and how that can benefit your inner space. Visit Gayle’s website for more information about her Ener-CHI organizing.

Live Discussion

In the final segment we welcome Rob back to the live stage with Ryan and Gayle plus other group members from the B2B Marketing Pros discussion group.

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Ryan Gerardi
Creative, resourceful, and resilient B2B sales and marketing technologist who works with people and businesses on a variety of levels to help elevate their game, their brand, and their businesses.
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